#Gigi as VMag contributor photographer

AdR by Gigi Hadid 




V is proud to announce that supermodel Gigi Hadid has joined

 the magazine as a contributor—behind the camera. An editorial first,

Gigi will be photographing a portfolio that will come as a special

supplement to our Summer issue, V107, with a newsstand date of May 1.



This is a second “first” for Gigi and V; the model’s first fashion editorial appeared in V88, in 2014.

In the three years since, she’s worked and rubbed elbows with the industry’s greatest. Don’t

be surprised if you see a few of them pop up in her portfolio. Given her grace in front of the

camera, it should come as no surprise that Gigi has a long history with medium: “I had my own

photography business. I even had a website, hadidphotography.com. It’s definitely not up

anymore. I took pictures of my friends and their horses for less money than the

professionals. There was a lady who sold them for like $80, but mine were only $10. I’d

package all the pictures in my bedroom, and my friends would give them to their moms

as gifts. I think I still have some of the photographs. This was before you could take

a good photo on your phone. We just had flip phones back then.”

Instead of the digital cameras and high-powered flashes of the photographers and

paparazzi that photograph her, Gigi is armed with something much smaller, fitting for a girl

on the go. “The film is actually more clear than old Polaroid film, so it just was nicer for what

we’re trying to do. Just the lines and everything are sharper, and it has more light settings,” she

tells WWD. While significantly smaller than a telescopic lens, Hadid’s camera doesn’t quite fit

nicely into a Versace bag. “The film is so big, that’s the thing. At the British Fashion Awards, I

had that massive camera and the massive Polaroids — it’s just a lot to carry around in a ballgown.”

The magazine is pleased to offer Gigi the opportunity to express herself creatively. As Stephen

Gan, our editor-in-chief put it: “V has always been like a creative platform. A year ago at this time,

we were coming off a Gaga guest editor’s issue, now we’re embarking on a Gigi photographic

portfolio. It’s what I love doing, and why I feel the magazine’s there. It’s meant to be that

platform for people to express themselves. I felt like she really has got that calling and it’s

genuine. She’s really multitalented, and a very, very special soul. It’s rare.”

Read the full story via WWD here.




Franca Sozzani and Naomi Campbell by Gigi Hadid




Nicky Minaj by Gigi Hadid




Karl Lagerfeld by Gigi Hadid




Marc Jacobs by Gigi Hadid




Tommy Hilfigher by Gigi Hadid




Inez&Vinoosh by Gigi Hadid




Zayn and Gigi self-portrait




Carolyn Murppshy and Patrick Demarchelier by Gigi Hadid




Mario Testino by Gigi Hadid






source: vmagazine.com