#Industrie8: AdR



Anna Dello Russo featured on

Industrie Magazine#8 by Yale Breslin 

Photo Credit: Alessandro Furchino.



“I wake up at 4.45am and get ready to go to my yoga class, which starts at 5.45.

After yoga I head straight to the swimming pool. I find swimming so relaxing;

it really helps to clear my mind of any worries or problems I might have.

I love starting the day like this, it gives me so much energy and puts me in

a great mood. Often when I’m swimming and I’m relaxed, I’ll think about the

outfit I want to wear for the day. In fact you can always tell when I’m stressed

because I’ll be wearing a really bad outfit. Today is a good day though —

I’m wearing a Chloé coat that I’ve used in a lot of editorial shoots, and a

Valentino jumpsuit. I think clothes really have the power to enhance your mood.

 If you think about how happy children are when they dress up as a character, that’s

exactly how I feel when I’m thinking about what to wear. Normally I’ll have a  lot

going on in an outfit, so as a general rule I keep my hair and makeup as natural

as possible. After my morning exercise I’ll have a fresh juice and a Japanese

breakfast or a salad. I always carry nuts or figs around in my bag to snack on

throughout the day. When I’m at home in Milan, I’ll walk to work with my dog.

My office is very small and practical — it’s where I do all of my preparation for

shoots so it’s kind of like a big closet. I don’t like to spend too much time here

though. I like to be on the move. One of the reasons I have to wake up so early is

because I start the day off by working with the Vogue team in Japan. As the day

progresses I speak to my team in New York. I love working with people across

the world — it inspires me to think about fashion from a lot of different perspectives.

Alongside my work for Japanese Vogue, I update my blog every day. I love my blog,

it’s the perfect platform for sharing my thoughts on fashion. I think the Internet

has such an incredible power, and I love that it allows you to feel connected to everyone.

I don’t really take a break during the day because I don’t want to loose any valuable

time. Sometimes my friends will joke about how much energy I have, especially as

I don’t drink and smoke — I just tell them it’s all down to my morning exercise regime.

In the evening I head home and work for around an hour on my computer — I’ll post

photos on Instagram and do some research for my blog. I’ll then prepare a raw food

dinner, which is usually a lovely salad with lots of different fresh vegetables. I don’t

really cook, but when I do, I love to make vegetable minestrone. I travel a lot and never

really have any time to myself, so if I’m at home in Milan, I’ll take advantage of just

simply being home. I do love to read magazines, so when I’ve finished at my computer

I’ll pick up at least three magazines and take them to bed.

At 10pm I’ll finish my work, put on my pajamas and say ciao, good night everyone.”