Fendi #PeekabooJapan on Flair

AdR in FENDI with customized Fendi

#PeekabooJapan by Giampaolo Sgura

 Hair&MakeUp by Andrew Guida




FLAIR May 2015

MANGA Fashionista

By Angelo Flaccavento.




Flair May 15 MANGA Fashionista

by Angelo Flaccavento




Flair May 15  MANGA Fashionista by Angelo Flaccavento





AdR in FENDI with customized Fendi

#PeekabooJapan by Giampaolo Sgura

 Hair&MakeUp by Andrew Guida






 The fashion icon Anna Dello Russo, contemporary artist Fuyuko

Matsui, artist Hiroko Takahashi, actress Mao Inoue, and the

president of Tokyo University of The Arts Ryohei Miyata came together

to personalize their own Peekaboo handbag and created one of a kind piece.

The charity auction which provides the exclusive opportunity to bid for

the unique Peekaboo is held from the 20th April to the 20th May.

 The profits gained from the auction will be donated to the Tokyo

University of the Arts to support younger generations in the fields of art,

design and fashion. This joint effort is part of the Project which

commemorates the  50th  anniversary of Fendi’s  arrival in Japan.




FENDI is pleased to announce the exclusive Peekaboo project for Japan in collaboration

with iconic people, a charity initiative to raise funds for Tokyo University of The Arts,

on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of FENDI’s presence in this country. This initiative

involves a special group of 5 unique personalities, who exemplify Japan’s creative

and innovating spirit, invited by FENDI to personalise their own Peekaboo bag, thus

allowing for a completely “one of a kind” and fully interpreted creation.


Working closely with FENDI, they have been able to bring their creations to life,

continuing FENDI’s motto that ‘Nothing is Impossible’. Confirmed collaborators include

actress Mao Inoue and fashion icon Anna Dello Russo, contemporary artist Fuyuko Matsui,

artist Hiroko Takahashi and the President of Tokyo University of The Arts Ryohei Miyata.


“I am excited that FENDI is celebrating its 50th anniversary here in Japan and that we are

celebrating it with such a special project around our Peekaboo bag involving iconic people,

leaders in their own field. This initiative will not only allow FENDI to work with these

incredible people, but also to raise valuable funds for Tokyo University of The Arts

and help support their important work,” states Silvia Venturini Fendi.


These Peekaboo bags will be displayed on Stage on the ground floor of Isetan

Department Store’s main building in Shinjuku between March 11th and 19th

and will be then auctioned on a special auction site beginning April 20th. Grateful to

the country which has embraced Fendi for 50 long years, with the intention of promoting

exchange between Italian and Japanese cultures.


“Donating the profits gained from these works of art that Fendi and the various artists have

created through mutual respect is not simply a charity event. It is a project that only our

university can do. Matsui and Takahashi, both  alumni of the university, are participating

in this project, paving  new pathways for  the students. Their creations are also great

teaching materials. Furthermore, this project is significant in the sense that the profits

made from their works of art will be used to develop a new generation of creators,”

says Mr. Ryohei Miyata, the President of Tokyo University of the Arts.


The dedicated auction site, www.fendi.com/peekaboo-japan-auction, will provide the

opportunity to bid on one of the unique Peekaboo’s created by these iconic people, and buy

the ultimate collectors piece. The online auction will open for bidding on April

20th and close on May 20th. Accessing www.fendi.com/peekaboo-japan-auction

from pc, tablet or mobile phones, users will enter the Auction site. They would simply need

to register and follow the  instructions located in the HOW TO BID section. Bidders will

always be able to check the status of the auction on the dedicated website and will be

advised via a text message on their mobile  in case their offer is overtaken by a higher one.





 AdR in FENDI with customized Fendi #PeekabooJapan by Giampaolo Sgura

 Hair&MakeUp by Andrew Guida




 AdR in FENDI with customized Fendi Peekaboo

for Japan by Giampaolo Sgura

Hair&MakeUp by Andrew Guida