Micol Sabbadini MADE IN LA Exhibition

Micol Sabbadini “Made in LA” exhibit pictures at

Galleria Glauco Cavaciuti – Via Vincenzo Monti,

Milan. Vernissage: Thursday May 8th at 6:30pm

The Exhibition will be open from May 8th until June 14.




There are two ways to tell a story about life but the traditional historical-diachronic,

complete with building a completely linear story, is certainly not in the veins of an

author such as Micol Sabbadini, who instead loves daring combinations, logical waste,

unforeseen analogies, and synchronicity. So the idea of using research for her photographs

for the collage technique is, so to speak, an obvious choice as it allows her to venture into

rough terrain created by her imagination in which, she concedes, “everyone can see what

she wants”. The pleasurable aesthetics of the images is the photographer’s self-declared

result of idealization, after having lived for a period of time in Los Angeles. This is why

the colours are bright and light pervades everything and wrapped it in a constant summer,

in a relaxed atmosphere almost eliminating the difference between work and play. The

photos are divided into two sections characterized by different construction techniques

of collage. The first is the most classical and calls for the subjects to be physically cut and

pasted so as to suggest two levels of perception to the viewer. At first glance, in fact, unsettling

aspects prevail as it’s not easy to accept a trout caught by it’s tail coming closer, starring in a

scene of the ocean in which a guy performs on his surfboard and a tiny Nimbus Kid suddenly

cuts through the sky in a general indifference of dogs and humans. But just know that all this

came about by the photographer taking inspiration from the graffiti in Los Angeles and

understanding that every comparison between elements does not necessarily obey the

stylistic elements of formal logic or the narrative process. We are faced with fragments

of reality mixed with creative lightness immobilized within the most unique, different

sized pieces, and with the same attitude as a collector of moments, Micol Sabbadini has at

times collected beautiful frames from flea markets which she has then restored, that move

within this universe of figures. When she has recourse to the technique of digital collage,

the photographer creates works in circulation, making it more uniform in size with clean

images without wavering her visionary universe where a wall becomes the meeting

place where you can talk to a poster, a written advertisement or a flower, and where it

seems only natural that we can enter a hotel disembarking from a roller coaster. Yes,

because the logic here is that appropriate elements captured with an intuitive look then

moved about gives them a new compositional balance in a subtle play of references. As in

the case of that window which leads into a room where the bed is still unmade but whose

realism challenged by our own eyes will not be a trompe l’oeil? One thing, however, that

reassures us, is a shadow of herself that Micol Sabbadini leaves settled lightly on a wall to

remind us that what is described is her world “even though everyone can see what she wants”.




Roberto Mutti