Street Art for LV


Louis Vuitton for the third time  ollaborates with

artists:Andre ” Mr. A”, Kenny Scharf and INTI .

Their paintings will adorn the newest collection of

silk scarves . In Louis Vuitton stores on March 2014.



Andre settled on a paint-spattered Shawl Monogram of his character

Mr A, the blue figure with asymmetrical eyes.Kenny Scharf created

psychedelic collage of images of the planets and other celestial objects, 

mixed with images of pop culture. Inti, inspired by the culture and

mythology of the Andean peoples,decorated with large square sun

image based on the image of Viracocha,the god of Tiwanaku civilization. 

Louis Vuitton logo surrounds the ornament of ancient simovolov.




Andre for Louis Vuitton





Kenny Scharf for Louis Vuitton







Inti for Louis Vuitton