Jay-Z / Picasso by David Datuna



 On Nov. 20, 2013 the highlight of Contessa Gallery’s Art Miami

booth was David Datuna’s Jay-Z / Picasso: Opposition of

Imaginations. Two portraits, Picasso and Jay-Z, represent

the contact of the conceptions of two diverse artistic periods.




This opposition creates an energetic, mental, philosophical, and emotional

perspective on art’s evolution. The two portraits together serve as a

collective image, with Picasso embodying and conceptualizing the

energy, fundamentalism, and expression of the 20th century,and Jay-Z’s

fragmented portrait representing modern art as an experimental

puzzle.The installation of the portraits is arranged in such a way that

they are both looking “eye to eye” at one another. This creates a certain

power that not only captures the viewer on a visual and emotional level,

but also mentally and philosophically, transferring the viewer’s thoughts,

feelings, and perspectives inside the work, filtering them through a lens,

and inspiring continuous re-examination of the artwork. Initially,using a

stop motion effect, the artist distorts the image, instantly changing and

multiplying it by the effects and refractions of the optical lenses. This method

creates an effect in which the viewer notices multiple reflections of the object.

The multitude of reflections creates tension within each piece and between

them as the images of Jay-Z and Picasso represent separate art epochs.

In his works, David Datuna skillfully plays with the true meaning and

value of the lenses and glasses, giving them a particular meaning and point

of view. Using lenses of various diopters in his works, he symbolizes the

admissibility of the different points of view and attitudes towards the same

image. Lenses symbolically represent illusion, perception, fragmentation, and

unification.Deliberately leaving out any notions of resolutions, the artist

forces us to re-examine ourselves and the artwork, pushing the viewer

to see something more than just the two portraits.“Through the Jay-Z /

Picasso and Datuna for Google Glass projects, David Datuna

will be the single most talked about artist during Miami Art

Week and it will be abundantly clear that David Datuna has

become a leading voice and force for the future of contemporary

art.” – Steve Hartman, owner of Contessa Gallery














source: Press Release of Contessa Gallery