Piero Fornasetti
at Triennale

The Triennale Design Museum celebrates the centennial

of Piero Fornasetti.The exhibition curated by Piero’s son

Barnaba, opened through february 9th 2014, will transport

you into a world of oniric and extraordinary creativity.



Piero Fornasetti was much more than a decorator, and through this

retrospective you will gaze into the artistic depth of his work. After

studying design at the Academy of fine arts of Brera in Milan, in his

early career he collaborated with some of the most influential painters

of the 20th century italian art scene. Piero hand printed lithographs

of De Chirico, Fontana , Manzù, Sassu and many others.During such

tenure he attracted the attention of architect and designer Gio Ponti,

who encouraged him to carve his own path by developing a talent for

decoration.Soon a collaboration between the two ensued.Through

his life and illustrious career, Piero Fornasetti created art pieces and

objects of design and interior decoration.He had a thriving imagination,

and worked on his creations with fantasy,irony and passion using

unique artisanal techniques .Inspired by surrealism, Fornasetti

became an original artist by following his own ideas. His creations

have a real sense of humor and are instantly recognizable, although

he developed a large variety of different decorations.







 Chair Musicale, Piero Fornasetti, 1950s







Screen Duomo Sommerso (submerged Duomo)

Piero Fornasetti, 1950












source: triennale.org.it