Nicole Kidman
for Jimmy Choo

Last season Nicole Kidman played a Hitchcock heroine for Jimmy

Choo,and now she is back for a second season portraying a

blonde siren reminiscent of ‘60s stars of French and

Italian cinema, photographed by Camilla Akrans.



The actress commented: ‘What’s great about doing this is that you can draw

from references, and to draw from someone like Bardot is fabulous. She

was a very, very strong cinematic presence, but I think she was also a world

presence in terms of setting a style in the same way that Audrey Hepburn,

and Grace Kelly set their styles.’ She added: ‘I embraced the feeling of summer

holidays spent at the beach where you always feel up for a dare and having fun.’

Now onto the important thing, the shoes, Nicole has us lusting after the

XENIA black strappy stilettos and the ANNA python bag. We’re seriously

impressed that she managed to walk through the sand in those skyscrapers.

But Nic is a pro at walking in heels, as although she is nearing 6 foot she loves

super high stilettos. She comments: ‘Tall women shy away from wearing

heels but I don’t. I like to have the luxury of just putting on something

that’s really high because I feel sexier.’















Behind the scene video:

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