Dior Glamour

Step inside one of the most groundbreaking periods in the

history of couture with Dior’s new book, Dior Glamour.


The title focuses on what it describes as the label’s “Divine Decade”, from

1952 until 1962, when photographer Mark Shaw worked closely with the

fashion house documenting all that he saw – from intimate shows and

fittings to shots of socialites and actresses posing in some of the brand’s

most spectacular and dramatic gowns.The results were initially published

in Life magazine, but the book showcases a far more extensive look at Shaw’s

collection. The pages are filled with over 130 photographs, which span catwalk

show rehearsals (featuring a pensive Christian Dior himself perched on

the front row), era-defining models and beautiful archive shots of Dior

couture ensembles being worn on the streets of Paris.

Dior Glamour is available to buy from Wednesday November 6.





















source: vogue.co.uk