Les sacs de ville Louis Vuitton


Editions de La Martinière are publishing a new book

which takes a fresh look at Louis Vuitton’s bags.


The book is like an encyclopedia listing each and every one of

the bags and tracing their genealogy back to heritage designs

such as the Steamer bag, the Vanity Case, the Alzer suitcase

and the Keepall, through generations of models including

Speedy, Papillon, Alma and Lockit, as well as recording the

label’s many artist collaborations. The natural science-style

tome follows the development and evolution of Louis Vuitton

over the years, offering a thorough study of fashion history

at its most stylish. Explore a few of pages in video.



“Les sacs de ville Louis Vuitton : une Histoire Naturelle”

available in limited edition in a fabric case accompanied

by eleven illustrated plates, €125. Standard edition €65




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source: vogue.fr