Kate&Johnny in
McCartney’s video

Kate and Johnny are back together for music.

They wil appear in the video of Queenie Eye

Paul McCartney’s new song.




Moss and Depp aren’t the only stars who have agreed to grace

the screen for Queenie Eye, taken from McCartney’s forthcoming

album, New. Meryl Streep, Tom Ford, Gary Barlow,Sean

Penn, Lily Cole, Laura Bailey, James Corden, Chris Pine

and others all headed to iconic studio Abbey Road, where Paul

McCartney recorded many songs with The Beatles, including

their first single, Love Me Do. The video will be released

this Thursday, October 24.




YouTube Preview Image





Kate Moss and Paul McCartney



 Johnny Depp and Paul McCartney



Lily Cole and Johnny Depp



Meryl Streep and Paul McCartney









source: vogue.co.uk