Loewe Xmas Windows

Loewe revisits’ the aesthetic imagination of José Pérez de Rozas

 creative director of the brand since 1945.Pérez de Rozas’ 

Christmas irony lives again in Loewe stores around the world.




In Spain during the 40s and 50s, in the height of the economic crisis,

Pérez de Rozas adorned Loewe boutiques’ windows in Madrid and

Barcelona with luxurious and romantic decorations that reminded

the magical atmosphere of Hollywood musicals.The windows present

emblematic elements of the Spanish tradition, such as polka dots that

decorate background, frames and other  baroque elements of the set.

Pérez de Rozas loved to insert animal sculptures in his masterpieces,

almost always covered with sparkling studs. The most evident stylistic

reference of his legacy is the reproduction of pandas and elephants

combined with silk and leather accessories offered for Christmas 2013.

Loewe’s leather pets represent one of the most popular new brand lines. 

Peach, blue-gray, black and white – the colors of the bull, elephant and

panda,the line’s animal symbol – make up the color palette of the collection.

The special “Cruz Bag”, born with the Penelope and Monica Cruz collaboration,

is part of the Loewe’s Christmas proposal, along with angora polka dot

shawls, Sofia, Inés, Lorca, Toledo and Amazona bags, fur collars from the

Manton de Manila collection, Palma wallets and Andalus men scarves.

Loewe will unveil the windows created for the holiday season next November.























source: Courtesy of The Press Office