Mugler Follies December 2013

On December the 15th at Le Comédia theater Thierry

Mugler will present his latest show “Mugler Follies”.


Mugler stages the story of a young woman in search for her inner

balance. As a result of her unpredictable and unusual encounters,

she not only discovers herself but also transforms into a sublime

and blooming woman.For this production, Manfred Mugler revisits

the Revue, an artistic expression that gives him the greatest freedom.

It allows him to display all of his follies, boldness and all forms of

metamorphoses on stage. A show rich in creativity, Mugler combines

joy with eroticism, magic with high technology, lights with

transformation, and transports the public into a swirl of emotions.

Each number gives the opportunity to travel from one universe to

another, with musical rhythms and original songs composed

specifically for each act. The casting is judicious; artists are dancers

and acrobats, singers and comedians, models and performers.

Mugler is delighted; he suggests step-by-step different facets

of beauty. Far from a still image, Manfred Thierry Mugler extols

diversity in a visionary show that reinvents the cabaret / Revue.