Vogue on Givenchy

Vogue on Givenchy is a book dedicated to its founder, 

Hubert de Givenchy, edited by Drusilla Beyfus

former Vogue features editor.


The tome is the latest in the Vogue On Designers series,

and looks at the designer’s enduring legacy, how he

changed the way women dress and influenced the face of

couture. “Hubert de Givenchy carried on the traditions of haute

couture within a modern aesthetic,” Beyfus told us. “His style

at heart was minimalist, with every tailored seam and dart

counting in the final effect. He developed the idea of separates

made to Paris designer standards, featuring flexible pieces that

could be combined this way and that, with other items of apparel.”

As with all the books in the range,the pages will be filled with

Vogueimagery to illustrate Givenchy’s career journey, featuring

sketches, archive shoots and photographs of one of his most

famous fans, Audrey Hepburn. “At a period when Paris still cast

a kindly eye on the corseted and highly structured silhouette,

Givenchy created models with built-in comfort and ease of

movement for the wearer,” said Beyfus. “He told me, ‘If a woman

moves well her gestures will be natural and she will be happy.”








source: huffingtonpost.com