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Gabriele Rendina on L’Uomo Vogue September Issue 

Photo by Paolo Leone



The director Gianni Amelio choose for his last movie,

 L’intrepido, Gabriele Rendina, a  young saxophonist 

musician, at his first movie experience



Gabriele does not consider itself as an actor but as a musician. In fact

he is studying at Santa Cecilia Conservatory, where he graduated just

this September. Follow masterclass in Bangkok, Turin, Graz, New

York and finally two years Ircam in Parigi. Gabriele is also at the

third year of the Philosphy Faculty. The work done by Gianni Amelio

is enthusiastic: “I was agitated to the point that I have had blue hands

and i had to make up them, you should really feel cool to be an actor,

everyone is watching you” do “and I’m used to write, to sit in the back

rows of the orchestra rehearsals. Amelio, however, understand me

very well and he gave me only the day before the scene to learn for the

next day.We have established a beautiful relationship , we see each

other regularly to go to the cinema to see horrible movies in 3D. “

A different kind of movies from The intrepid , in fact. “The movie is

a very sheer, elegant, nothing is explicit, from the plot to the colors of

photography, all the grays turn, the green, never a red.” Gabriele

defines the dramaturgy of the film by Amelio “extremely musical, it

means that it’s the memory of the viewer to compose the unit.” As a

neophyte, he chose to use his primary attitude to step into this role:

“I was clinging to the rhythm of the situations and dialogues, I used

them as the pulse of a jazz tune,” he said snapping his fingers.

He adds thoughtfully, “Maybe all actors are part of musicians.”



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Gabriele Rendina on L’Uomo Vogue September Issue 

Photo by Paolo Leone




Gabriele Rendina and Antonio Albanese 




Gabriele Rendina



A scene from “L’Intrepido”