La Dolce Diva by Bulgari

Anna Magnani 



During the Venice Film Festival and for the launch of ” Diva”,

the new Bulgari jewelry collection, Vanity Fair and Bulgari

presented ” La Dolce Diva “, an exhibition that celebrated

the historic ties of the house with the movie stars.



The exhibition , hosted in Hotel Cipriani on the Giudecca, unveiles

30 images from Bulgari archives, a selection of jewelry and other

accessories all inspired by the Diva theme. The inauguration

was held on 30th August with an event with the partecipation of

several Italian and international celebrities. The exhibition was

opened to the public until September 1. In the first two halls

“La Dolce Diva” traced the history of Bulgari jewelry through

portraits and pictures of the most famous stars in the world

who wore them for special occasions or for public events. The

third room is a veritable ” treasure room ” where were exposed

some of the most extraordinary creations of the new high jewelry

collection “Diva”. The jewels are flanked by portraits and video

backstage of the new campaign played by Carla Bruni Sarkozy. At

the center of the exhibition another little jewel : a mini cinema with

12 seats old style , where the public will be able to spend time with

videos from some of the most prestigious film archives that told the

history of Bulgari jewelry through its wonderful testimonial.

Walking through the halls of “La Dolce Diva” , meet Fellini kissing

Ekberg , Ingrid Bergman as he goes on the set, Elizabeth Taylor

in a masked ball in Venice , Sophia Loren and Vittorio De Sica at

the premiere of Two Women, the super models Veruschka photographed

in 1966 by Henry Clarke for Vogue America and other evocative

images of Monica Vitti , Gina Lollobrigida , Claudia Cardinale, Virna

Lisi,Elsa Martinelli , Sylva Koscina , Carla Bruni , Jennifer Aniston,

Jessica Alba, Valeria Golino , Keira Knightley and Sharon Stone.




“La Dolce Diva” exhibition



“La Dolce Diva” exhibition



“La Dolce Diva” exhibition









source: vanityfair