Rika Iron Girls project

Julianne Moore for Matchesfashion.com



Julianne Moore, Dree Hemingway and Joséphine de la

Baume  are among the list of inspiring women who have

been photographed by Helena Christensen and Jen Carey

for Matchesfashion.com’s new exhibition, which opened

yesterday ,18th July at its Marylebone No 23 store.



Each of the high-profile muses are seen offering their take on the store’s

exclusive cobalt blue Iron Girl jumper, as they define what being a strong

woman means to them. Both the display and the jumper have been

designed in association with Amsterdam-based fashion label and

bi-annual publication Rikawhich will feature the photographs in its

forthcoming issue. “The concept of celebrating powerful, inspirational

women and their personal style is close to our heart. We can’t wait

to see the reaction when we launch the exhibition online and in our

townhouse on July 18. Also, what better way to celebrate this project

than to offer our global customer the chance to buy updated versions

of the Iron Girl sweater, including an exclusive limited-edition style

in cobalt blue?” said Matchesfashion.com CEO, Ruth Chapman.

Other faces to appear in the exhibition include models Jacquetta

Wheeler,Caroline de Maigret and Olympia Campbell, model

Lucie de la Falaise, and his granddaughter, Ella Rose Richards.





Olympia Campbell



Jacquetta Wheeler



Caroline de Maigret



Helena Christensen



Dree Hemingway



Hannelore Knuts








source: vogue.co.uk