Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP

Lady Gaga by Inez & Vinoodh



Lady Gaga has announced that the first single from

her album titled ARTPOP will be released on 19th August.



This is no ordinary album release: instead she announced on

her social networking site, that she will

be launching an App called ARTPOP which she describes as

“a musical and visual engineering system that combines music,

art, fashion, and technology with a new interactive worldwide

community ,“the auras”…, a reverse Warholian expedition”.

The App will also “explore Gaga’s existence as a cultural

interface, allowing the user to share in the ‘adrenaline of

fame’”. In addition Gaga announced that the first single from

her album, also titled ARTPOP will be released on 19th

August, while the album itself will be available for pre-

order on 1st September and will be released on 11thNovember.