Alberta Ferretti Bride

  Mod. Kensington 




Alberta Ferretti presented her fourth collection dedicated

to the bride Alberta Ferretti Forever and choosed like a muse Tali Lennox,

daughter of singer Annie Lennox 




Twelve outfits that evoke the charm in the name of palaces timeless: Alhambra, Balmoral,

Buckingham, Hermitage, Kensington, Rivoli, Schönbrunn, Stirling, Topkapi,

Venaria, Versailles, Windsor. Haute Couture creations, precious, decorated through

the manufacture of high tailoring, pleating read, ruffles and embroidery ethereal jewel of chiffon,

organza, lace and taffeta, which represent the essence of elegance and delicacy of the designer.



 Mod. Venaria 




Mod. Stirling




Mod. Versailles




Mod. Buckingham




Mod. Balmoral




Mod. Topkapi




Mod. Hermitage




Mod. Alhambra




Mod. Schînbrunn




Mod. Rivoli




Mod. Windsor