Murder, he wrote

Simone Nobili  



Who framed the best top male models?

”Murder, he wrote”. A short fashion thriller,

a detective story with cult brands.

Where everyone is under suspicion.

Inspired by  “Murder, she wrote” 


Look here the video!



Screenplay by: Stefano Roncato

Filmed and Edited: Giulia Taboni

Styling: Stefano Roncato




Simone Nobili @ Independent men

Benjamin Eidem @ L’uomo Elite Milano

Alexandre Cunha @ L’uomo Elite Milano

Arran Sly @ D’men

Yannick Abrath @ D’meN

Ricardo Figueiredo @ independent men

Ryan Barrett @ I love 

Otto Pierce @ Independent men

Jester White @ Beatrice

Hao Yun Xiang @ Fashion

Ton Heukels @ L’uomo Elite Milano

David Agbodji @ I love

Janis Ancens @ L’uomo Elite Milano

Simon Van Meervenne @ VNY