Yesterday night 25th June, at Excelsior in Milano, Saturnino

Celani musician and historical bassist of Lorenzo Jovanotti,

has presented his collection of rings Saturnino69, in

collaboration with the brand First People First.



Realized in 925 argent, with the enamel or onyx variations, the rings

represent Saturnino’s logo, his stylized face that also incorporates the

elliptical shape of the Saturn planet. “I’ve always been fascinated by 

the accessories and the ability to customize them” he says“The idea

of the Rings came to me looking at the picture of the hand of Keith

Richards guitar shaking with a ring shaped like a skull. I was also

fascinated by Benedict XVI’s Fisherman ring, and the way in which

it was worn”. The collection Saturnino69 is on sale at Excelsior in

Milan, and online on the website A

portion of the proceeds will be donated to the social cooperative

Little Prince, for the protection of children in difficulty.




Saturnino69 collection



Saturnino69 collection



Saturnino69 collection