Scene by Jeannette Montgmomery Barron

The book


Scene is the new book by Jeannette Montgmomery Barron.

The book tells the New York art scene of the eighties through

the portraits of his protagonists as Warhol, Keith Haring,

Basquiat that the photographer has snapped in black

and white with his Hasselblad.




“In 1985, the gallery owner came to my studio and bought forty portraits proposed

me to make a catalog” – remember Montgmomery Barron – “I said that was fine,

but I was young and I did not think he was serious. Then in 1989 I decided to contact

them, asking him if he was always willing to do the book. He did it in a limited edition

of one thousand copies which had hardly available: you could only find the Library

Rizzoli. This new book is different, because I saw the samples one by one and have

them scanned. And if any picture is the same, but the project is completely new because

the text is different with my memories of those times that accompanies the images. “



Andy Warhol


Julian Schnabel



Keith Haring



David Salle



Peter Fischli & David Weiss



Robert Mapplethorpe