Fendi and Karl for
Rome’s fountains


Karl Lagerfeld’ sketch about Trevi Fountain



Italian fashion house Fendi is funding the restoration

of Rome’s crumbling Trevi Fountain, with artistic director

Karl Lagerfeld on hand to present the $3 million project.



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The 20-month restoration will clean the fountain, which covers

the entire facade of Rome’s Palazzo Poli with its allegorical statues

of Tritons guiding the shell chariot of the god Oceanus illustrating

the theme of the taming of the waters. The project will remove calcium

deposits, clean the statues, check the strength of steelsupporting them,

apply new waterproofing to the large basin, fix leaks, install new

pumps and electric works and add new barriers to keep pigeons away.

The last restoration was about 25 years ago but officials said new

techniques developed since then would make it the most thorough

cleaning in the fountain’s 251-year history. In exchange, Fendi will

get only a small sign about the size of a coffee table book telling

tourists that it was the sole sponsor. The sign will stay up for four years

after the project is completed. “It seemed right to thank this city, which

since 1925 offered inspiration, creativity, aesthetic fervour and culture,

a home where our brand has prospered and grown from a Roman

fashion house into a global fashion label,” said Pietro Beccari, president

and CEO of Fendi. Lagerfeld said he would make a book of photographs

of Rome fountains called Glory of Water. Fendi will also be sponsoring

the restoration of another four fountains in the city as part of its Fendi

for Fountains initiative.





source: reuters.com