Yves Saint Laurent biopic

Pierre Niney on “Yves Saint Laurent”


“Yves Saint Laurent” movie directed by Jalil Lespert

is the only script approved by Pierre Bergé.

The biopic starring Pierre Niney, a young theater actor, 

in the role of the designer and Guillaume Gallienne

in the role of Yves business partner Pierre Bergé.



“I have often been asked to make a fiction film about Yves and

myself, but I’ve never been convinced of the various projects.

When Lespert came to me with his sensitivity, his enthusiasm,

his creative vision, I realized that I had before me the director

able to tell this story. I told him yes” Bergé said in an

interview on Le Figaro newspaper.



The film begins in January 1958 when the 21-year-old

Saint Laurent was appointed to run Christian Dior’s

fashion house. He then met Berge with whom he created

the Yves Saint Laurent Company a few years later. 


The movie is set to start shooting in

Spring and will be released in 2014.


Pierre Niney is in theatres these days with “20 Ans d’écart”

a french romantic comedy, with actress Virginie Efira.






Pierre Niney and Guillaume Gallienne on “Yves Saint Laurent”




Pierre Niney on “Yves Saint Laurent”




source: hollywoodreporter.com