Prada launches
writing contest


Luxury fashion house Prada is inviting budding authors to submit

essays via its website for its inaugural ‘Prada Journal’ project.



Prada is now launching a writing contest, inspired by using prescription

glasses as a metaphor. The emphasis of the challenge is: “to explore and

enhance the individual interpretation of reality” as the brand searches for

writers “who can see the world with a unique, rare gaze.”


The brief poses the question: “What are the realities that our eyes give back

to us? And how are these realities filtered through lenses?”


Budding writers are invited to upload their material – in their native language

– via the Prada website from today through to June 18. Copy length is required

to be anywhere between 4,000 to 8,000 words. Italian publishing giant

Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Editore will then sift through submissions and translate

them as required. Winners will be revealed in September, (various categories are

yet to be decided) with €5,000 up for grabs.


For more information visit