Karl Lagerfeld’s mural
in Montecarlo

 Karl Lagerfeld’s led murales



Karl Lagerfeld has created poolside mural inspired by

Homer’s epics for the Metropole Hotel in Monte Carlo


Karl Lagerfeld, was chosen by the hotel to create a special poolside
piece, named “Ulysses’ Journey around the Mediterranean Sea”,
inspired by Homer‘s epics: the Iliad and the Odyssey .
The installation is made up of twenty panels, measuring 18×3 metres,
in which photos there are models in togas imposed on black and white
images of Greek coastlines from 1850-60. The scenes are made by LEDs,
which change according to the surrounding natural lighting.
Closed to the pool, the hotel is also opening in June its third Joel
Robunchon restaurant, this named ‘Odyssey’.




Karl Lagerfeld’s picture




source: telegraph.co.uk