Mario Testino
Alta Moda


Mario Testino has presented “Alta Moda” exhibition ,

twenty-seven portraits of traditional costumes of Cuzco region,

from April 20 to September 16, 2013 at MATE,

foundation Mario Testino in Lima.



“Alta Moda” is an exhibition where Testino compares the traditional costumes

of Cuzco region with the haute couture for the complexity of the forms and the

thoroughness of the work that hide, using ,as a backdrop for his pictures, a piece

of furniture from Martin Chambi’s family, a famous photographer of the ’30s

and ’40s. It ‘a tribute to traditional Peruvian costumes, to their embroideries,

their colors, the fabrics that are still worn in the Andes. “I wanted to pay tribute

to the richness of traditional clothing, to which the Peruvians are very attached”

said the Peruvian photographer, in the April issue of Vogue Paris. The exhibition

will be housed in the foundation Mario Testino, MATE, which opened last June in

Lima with the aim of promoting art and culture Peruvian and keep all his original works.



 Mario Testino ALTA MODA


Mario Testino ALTA MODA 


 Mario Testino ALTA MODA


Mario Testino ALTA MODA