AdR movie

It will come out in cinemas on the 4th April

the new movie “Hitchcock”, direct by Sacha

Gervasi and based on the book “Alfred

Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho”

by Stephen Rebello. 


The two-time Oscar nominee and Emmy-winning

costume designer Julie Weiss takes care of making the

costumes for this movie.  “As a costume designer, you

are part of the merger between that actor and their

character” says Ms. Weiss. For this movie, which

covers the period when the director was making “Psycho”

Julie Weiss studied the film as well as the lives of the

characters, digging through news archives and even

interviewing people who knew them. She haunted

vintage stores as well as the archives of costume

companies such as Western Costume Co., Palace

Costume & Prop Co. in Los Angeles and Early

Halloween in New York.


“We always remember Hitchcock in a black suit,

it was his signature. In this particular script, in the

way it was defined, Hitchcock was our consistent

figure. It was also about his relationship with his

wife Alma, and moments directing Psycho. Once Hopkins

dressed as Hitchcock and came out of his dressing room

you believed he was Hitchcock”  says Ms Weiss.


Anthony Hopkins puts in an interesting performance

as ‘Hitch’ : we are exposed to the darker side of

Hitchcock’s personality, such as his lecherous nature

to the female cast and his unconventional directorial

methods. It’s these displays of weakness and emotional

fragility that Hopkins portrays so well. The movie is

set during the making of the 1959 Hitchcock classic, Psycho.


It looks at the relationship between Alfred and his wife Alma

throughout the production and the risks taken, both financially

and creatively by the couple to release the film that they wanted.

This film is a document that reveals the stories of the working

phasesof the masterpiece, from the discussions on the script to

his launch, the filmmaker’s obsessive perfectionism and its

relationship with the cast, the team, and his wife Alma Reville.