Art meets jewelry

Girandoles clip-on diamond earrings,

by Gérard, 1970, shown at Bernard Bouisset



Art meets jewelry

Pavillon des Arts et du Design – Paris

27 March – 1 April



The 17th edition of the Pavillion des Arts et

du Design will run from March 27 to April 1,

and has set up in the heart of the Jardin des

Tuileries in Paris. The perfect occasion to

wander among stands featuring extraordinary

 work from designers, artists and galleries,

including  some stunning jewelry.


For the 17th consecutive season, the Pavillon des Arts

et du Design is set to display an array of art and jewelry

in the Jardin des Tuileries in Paris starting March 27 and

lasting until April 1. The tradeshow will present a rich

selection of paintings, sculpture, design furniture and

art dealers in a carefully curated exhibition also featuring 

the HSBC lounge signed by designer Vincent Darré.


Also among the stands, four jewelry galleries will set up for

PAD 2013 where visitors can browse an extensive offering of

jewels from eclectic pieces to Karry Berreby‘s vintage finds

including designs by Van Cleef & Arpels, David Webb and

Andrew Grima. Gallery owner Bernard Bouisset will also

show during the event, featuring contemporary jewelry by

Caroline Van Hoek and Antonella Villanova, as well

as artwork by Manfred Bischoff.








Caroline Van Hoek brooch





Gold and Hawaiian coral jewlery by Manfred Bischoff



  Jewelry from artists exhibited at the Pavillon des Arts et du Design