William Wegman
for Acne

Photographer William Wegman known for his 

humorous photographs of dogs, has created 

seven images for Acne of Weimaraners dressed

in hats, shoes and even the Swedish brand’s suits.



Creative director of Acne, Jonny Johansson first met

American photographer William Wegman in 2007 in

an interview for the brand’s magazine, Acne Paper.

In the article, the renowned artist spoke about his passion for

Weimaraners with their silvery grey fur, and how he loves

to humanize and photograph the dogs in his own zany style.


Six years later, Jonny Johnasson has met with the

photographer again to create seven portraits of these famous

pups posing in some Acne garments. With dogs in hats,

shoes and even suits, see all the clever shots on Vogue.fr.






source:  vogue.fr