Prada Candy L’Eau


Prada has presented three teaser of the video

of Prada Candy L’Eau by the film directors

Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola.

For a mix of Nouvelle Vague



Miuccia Prada has enlisted famed directors Wes Anderson and

Roman Coppola to create a film celebrating the brand’s newest

fragrance, Prada Candy L’eau. To draw the contours of Candy,

woman/icon of reference for the new fragrance from Prada,

Anderson and Coppola were inspired by the film Jules and Jim,

by Francois Truffaut, and their triangular relationship between

friendship and love (in fact the two protagonists are called Julius

and Gene). When Jules and Jim came out in theaters, they were

not yet born, was 1962. François Truffaut and ménage à trois most

famous film he would have heard only in retrospect, when the

Nouvelle Vague would become a phenomenon to be studied more

than a living. Starring the hopelessly charismatic (and beautiful) 

Lea Seydoux as ‘Candy’, what exactly will happen is anyone’s 

guess but what we can be sure of is some knockout fashion and 

beautiful cinematography. Candy L’Eau promises to be the perfect

spring scent, using notes of citrus  and floral to update the gourmand

caramel scent of Candy.  







Prada Candy L’Eau Video teaser #1 





Prada Candy L’Eau Video teaser #2






Prada Candy L’Eau Video teaser #3



Fashion Credit: Prada
Video Directors: Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola

Starring: Lea Seydoux