Ladies & Gents


Ladies & Gents

Salomon contemporary

New York – NY

14 March – 27 April 2013



Salomon Contemporary presents Ladies & Gents

a group exhibition that highlights a selection of

female and male artists who portray their own gender:

Amy Cutler, E.V. Day, Hilary Harkness, Jocelyn

Hobbie, Judith Hudson, Deborah Kass, Laurel

Nakadate, Kiki Smith, Michael Halsband, Nir Hod,

Scott Hunt, Kurt Kauper, Dennis Oppenheim, John

Sonsini, Billy Sullivan and Dustin Yellin.


The exhibition fuses a wide range of styles and tones, with

some more serious and critical, and some lighthearted

and humorous. Various works depict the figures in a more

traditional sense as “ladies” and “gentlemen,” while others

challenge just the opposite.