Puma by
Hussein Chalayan



PUMA by Hussein Chalayan

2013 Spring/Summer Lookbook



There’s Glastonbury. There’s Cornwall. There’s Piccadilly.

Somewhere between these spaces, Hussein Chalayan rebels best.

The Great British Outdoors are a dual realm of country and city in

which he finds the rawest, simplest design solutions—grounded

in hobbies such as camping, bird watching, fly fishing, and pylon

trekking.  In turn, the season is lighter and airier. It adopts a practical

tone: it is only proper to properly outfit one’s needs in order to facilitate

one’s greatest quests. Designs are tech-inspired (looking to pylons for

structure, composition, fastenings) and self-sufficient (nerd pocketing

adored by British hobbyists) with clever cutlines (tent informed

constructions and configurations).

Materials are sophisticated. Lines are clean. Details are lenticular,

near-holographic. The collection is a new and more functional dress code

for the urban outdoorsman and woman. It’s social and curious, taking

boldly from country and city, and refusing to conform to one or the other

in true Chalayan fashion.












Source: puma.com