Fashion Foundation
at Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo launches Fashion Foundation,

a foundation that aims to encourage and educate

prospective fashion talent.


Salvatore Ferragamo has established a foundation, entitled 

Fondazione Ferragamo, will  be   based  in the label’s birth

place, Florence, and will involve a curriculum  based  on the

values of the label’s namesake, Salvatore. Wanda  Ferragamo 

– his widow – said of the foundation: “Young people are the 

engine of any society, the force that ensures  continuity  and

the future. They must have the chance to demonstrate

their worth and their abilities.”


In addition to offering training and support, the foundation

will also grant awards and scholarships to selected students

and arrange cultural events in collaboration with the

Salvatore Ferragamo Museum. “Adults, institutions and

businesses are responsible for giving them these opportunities,

Mrs Ferragamo continued. “Providing them with know-how,

creativity, technology and, above all, the desire to move forward,

to overcome all obstacles – values exemplified by my husband’s

life and his life’s work.” 






Museo Ferragamo in Florence announce a new exhibition

The Amazing Shoemaker

Fairy tales and legends about shoes and shoemakers

An exploration of shoes in our collective imagination


From 19 April 2013 to 31 May 2014, Museo Salvatore Ferragamo

in Florence will host a new and important exhibition, The Amazing

Shoemaker – Fairy Tales and Legends about Shoes and Shoemakers

curated by Stefania Ricci, Sergio Risaliti and Luca Scarlini.


In this exhibition, the museum explores the role that shoes play in fairy tales,

myths and legends, which are very often centred around shoes and cobblers,

as wearing shoes has historically been seen as a sign of wealth and power.


The Amazing Shoemaker – Fairy Tales and Legends about Shoes

and Shoemakers tells the life story of Salvatore Ferragamo, a personal

history that already has all the essential ingredients of a fairy tale. It is an

adventure that begins with a young boy’s passion for an ageold trade, lessons

learned from other cobblers and our hero’s travels to a distant land where

shoes hold fascinating and mysterious powers.


The focus of this exhibition has stirred the interest of a number of writers

and artists in myriad disciplines, who have enthusiastically contributed to

the project with their own works of art.





source: Ferragamo