Silver Lining Playbook

Silver Lining Playbook
, the new movie from write-director

David O. Russel, based on the novel by Matthew Quick,

is such an impressive piece of filmmaking.


The lead character, played by an extraordinary Bradley Cooper,

is described as an undiagnosed bipolar locked up after a violent attack,

but is recovery  and the sometimes coceyed support he gets from his loved

ones only exposes the fact that none of us are anything close to what

could be described as “normal”. He meets an umbalanced young

widow who promises to help him, in return for his help in achieving

one of her dreams. The entire movie has an impeccably cast, but is

Jennifer Lawrence the greatest surpirse

She plays her character with an engaging aggressiveness that

lets her dominate every scene she’s in. That’s why she won the

Oscar as Best Acrtess this year.  There’s a thin line to walk in crafting a

comedy about mental illness. Going about it in the wrong way could not

only result in something intensitive, but also foolish and overdone. Thanks to

Russel’s work, Silver Lining Playbook isn’t just a piece of entertainment

filled with appealing, fun characters, but also a film that gets how crazy

we all really are. In cinemas from 7th March.