Don Giovanni
by Filippo Timi

Don Giovanni, vivere è un abuso, mai un diritto

by Filippo Timi

with Umberto Petranca, Alexandre Styker, Roberta Rovelli , Marina Rocco,
Elena Lietti, Roberto Laureri, Matteo De Blasio e Fulvio Accogli


At Franco Parenti Theater, from 27 February to 24 March, the actor Filippo Timi 

brings to the stage his “Don Giovanni, vivere è un abuso, mai un diritto”.


“The myth is that because it crosses all ages,” says Filippo Timi, speaking

of Don Giovanni. “The character I play is a decadent man, a seducer who

doesn’t want that fascinates in spite of himself. It is the prototype of humanity

fickle and insatiable, humanity finally free of the moral guilty of the absurd

fate toward which we are rushing. Don Giovanni never burns really, he want

to burn, promises hell and his art is theatrical, he says the promise so well

that it is impossible not to believe him, or rather, do not want to believe him. “


Experiment, for Timi, does not mean only rewrite a classic text of Baroque, 

but working side by side with a visionary designer, Fabio Zambernardi who,

in collaboration with Lawrence Steele, designed the costumes as the exceptional

scenic machines. “Because the soul of Don John is his custom,” says the actor.


The result is a bizarre aesthetic, fishing from historical and contemporary

references, but it brings on stage costumes ever seen: bulky, uncomfortable,

excessive, often the result of horrible color combinations. “Lace dipped silicone,

cloaks sewn with thousands of flowers, fabrics slippery like linoleum but as precious

as Meissen Porcelain … an overdose of the eighteenth century. Timi and I have tried

to give us the limits to each other, but it only served to create new excesses.”

Reveals Zambernardi. “I’ve never done theater before I met Filippo Timi.

Being a beginner craft helps not to have too many concepts, parameters, limits”.

The theater of Timi wants to be desecration, madness, where every character

is an explosion of weirdness and excess. And the lyrical text is transformed

into performance, where the actors, with a soundtrack that alternates Pink Floyd,

Black Eyed Pease, Donna Summer and Queen, not only in acting, but singing

and choreography staged. Filippo Timi is almost a legend for his ability to take

control of classical texts and transform them into personal performances from the actors.