Kanye West in Paris

 Kanye West on the stage with a Maison Martin Margiela Couture Mask



Style.com’s resident gurus of philosophy and photography
weigh in on West’s surprise Paris concert yesterday night


Kanye West insisted that he gets a bigger kick out of his bad reviews than
his good ones. In which case, he should look away now, because I’m all
about the shock and awe after his performance at Le Zénith in Paris last night. 


The show revolved around his long, free-form verbal riffing. He’d bring the music
down to a drumbeat or a piano chord while he fixated on a phrase or a train
of thought, lost in a tortured internal dialogue. 


West’s foray into fashion was always colored for me by the thought that it might
distract him from making music (and if he had designed clothes as well as he

does that, it probably would have). “Fashion” reared its head twice last night, in the
forms of a crystal Margiela Couture mask (the covered face as an ongoing motif
in West’s life and art is yet one more thing that demands obsessive analysis) and
what I think was a shout-out against designers who won’t lend clothes to his girlfriend.



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 By Tim Blanks

Photo credit: Tommy Ton


source: style.com