Ralph Lauren
vintage project



Ralph Lauren Vintage Project is a real historical overview of the

iconic pieces designed by the American designer in 45 years

of career and presented in the walls of a virtual museum online.


Opened at the international level in November, rlvintage.com revolutionizes

the classic exhibition rules with an interactive exhibition that, on the one

hand recounts the heritage of the brand, and at the same time grants

the luxury for visitors to take possession immediately with a single click .

The public comes in contact from time to time with a piece of history of the

brand and can decide whether to buy it, vote for it to send him back in

production or interact with other users by similar interests.


Each element of the collection is always chosen with meticulous refinement

and taste curatorial, to emphasize the experience of the world Ralph Lauren

distinguished by a timeless style over the years where it is considered an added value.


















source: rlvintage.com