Faye Dunaway in Amanti
inspiring look




Directed by Vittorio De Sica
Movie based on a Brunello Rondi comedy
with Marcello Mastroianni and Faye Dunaway

release date: 18 December 1968
After a first casual encounter at an airport, an Italian engineer,
Valerio, and a beautiful American woman, Julia, meet and spend
a few days together in a villa in Cortina. Valerio unaware that the
woman is going to die because suffering from an incurable disease.
The revelation, suddenly, he hears from a friend of Julia, that came
to pick her up to get her to undergo surgery. Julia, when she discovers
that Valerio is aware of his terrible fate, you groped the idea of suicide.
The Italian upper class environment in the 1960‘s: beautiful houses
and interiors, women of course also and so well dressed but, as in
Dolce Vita, bored and wont to indulge in ambiguous erotic games
– exciting for some and decadent for others.
The director Vittorio De Sica keeps the film viewer at a distance
by introducing a “third party”, the breathtakingly beautiful mountain scenery.
Through the beautiful photography, the cool and tight directing
of De Sica, one senses that the dangerous mountains will provide the ending.























































 source: stills from Amanti movie