Gangster Squad


Gangster Squad 


The Academy Award nominated costume designer Mary Zophres with 

her 20 years of experience talks about her latest contribution to the 

sartorial world of cinema on the set of Gangster Squad, an action crime 

film set in 1949 direct by  Ruben Fleischer, in cinemas from 21 February 2013.


The movie takes place in 1949 and in that moment Christian Dior 

influenced fashion heavily with a very nipped waist and a full skirt, while 

the silhouette for a man was very flattering. It emphasized all the right things, 

and was a silhouette that almost any kind of body type could wear. 


For Zophres, tailoring is a huge component of looking  handsome: 

It will never go out of style. 

It does all the things that a perfect black dress does for a woman.

For Emma Stone‘s costumes she took inspiration from different magazines 

from the 40’s and 50’s and from the golden age actress Rita Hayworth

because she wants to make her sexy and sophisticate woman. 

She didn’t use any contemporary designers, every suit and dress 

were realized from her sketch. A lot of the fabric came from overseas, 

from England and Italy, because she was looking for a textured wool, 

and then they manufactured it from L.A. tailors.


In her last interwiew she explains clearly the purpose of her work for this movie:

“We definitely wanted to be historically accurate and fit in with the language 

of the movie, but we also wanted it to be appealing to a modern audience. 

I hope it’s a fashionable movie, but it was very much inspired by the 

time period and not anything contemporary”.