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Sky Ferreira + Ashlee Simpson



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 Fashion darling Sky Ferreira seems to set trends also in music video.

Her second single “Everything is embarassing” a nice mix of electro, pop and ballad

song is currently play in loop by many fans, but the real interesting thing is the video.

Directed by Grant Singer, “everything is embarassing” is almost a fashion movie than a 

music video. Bright images, confidential crops and fake amateur shootings give us

the real emotion of the song. Sky, very sensual in a little black dress, dance with the 

camera in a very natural way that amaze the spectator. We love it.



Comeback baby. It’s Ashlee Simpson turn, a real comeback, she was outside

music business from 5 years. Her debut single “Bat for a heart” is a big surprise.

She started with rock, then was the turn of the pop situation and now she seems

to be infatuated by electro. Speaking of infatuation, Simpson follow the same 

trend of her collegue Ferreira, shooting a video very sexy and very natural.

Bright lights, heavy contrast and just a bit of lipstick, and a strict use of black 

and white. Nowadays seems that trends are setted by music video directors.


Good Luck Ashlee! 







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