Roger Vivier
Archives of Imagination



 Limited edition  collection FW2013


 Archives of Imagination


The Rendez-Vous collection finds its roots in the prestigious, 

dream-like memory of Monsieur Roger Vivier. 

Incarnations of rare luxury transcend couture 

knowhow with bewitching charm.


“Archives of imagination”

Attentive to the Brand’s heritage, Creative Director 

Bruno Frisoni called upon a selection of iconic styles 

designed by Monsieur Roger Vivier himself 

– who he refers to “the line creator”


He rewrites the story of each in keeping with 

today’s aesthetics, reviving celebrated heels and 

energising a range of bags and clutches 

distinguished by legendary materials and embroideries. 

He builds an apt dialogue between classic models 

and innovative bag and clutch creations,

 infusing the Brand with a potent new dynamism.










source: Roger Vivier