Berlin Fashion Week
on Vogue Deutsch





As anyone with an eye for emerging fashion talent will tell you, there is a great deal

happening in Berlin of late. From the cutting-edge fashions of Berlin Fashion Week,

to the myriad of shops and boutiques, the city is a full-fledged fashion capital brimming

with rising talents who offer an exciting glimpse into the future of design.


But talent is only the first step towards greatness: in order for a designer to move to

the next level their vision must be fostered, developed, and given a platform to shine.

This is where Vogue Germany‘s ‘VOGUE SALON’ steps in: conceived by editor in

chief, Christiane Arp, as a showcase for Germany’s finest designers, the event

offers not only a space for these new talents to show their wares, but also the

support and attention of the fashion community.


Instead of a time-limitation, the designers stay in the program until it is time

for them to enter the next stage of their careers.

In the meantime, they meet editors, influences, and mentors to take their

businesses to the next level and introduce their work to a whole new audience.

Get to know this year’s lineup of innovators and get to know their thrilling designs.