Jardin de Camélias

Camelia Solaire bracelet


Jardin de Camélias


The new High Jewellery collection, Jardin de Camélias, reinterprets 

CHANEL’s iconic flower with a range of exceptional pieces. 


Symbol of purity and longevity in Asia, captivated Mademoiselle Chanel

who, from 1923 onwards, incorporated the camellia into her style. 

Now CHANEL Fine Jewellery has deployed its creativity into an 

extraordinary garden of diamonds, gems and pearls, in

which the rarest camellias open up into full, resplendent bloom. 

Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, cuffs, jewellery watches, brooches 

and rings; such variation on the same theme expresses 

the universe and imaginary of CHANEL. 


Reinvented many times, but never losing

its unique flair, here the camellia serves

as an inspiration for the most precious of gardens.





Camélia Origami bracelet



Camélia ring



Camélia Coromandel broche



Ruban de Camélia ring




source: CHANEL