At the next Milan Fashion Week 2013, nss, innovative web social media factory,

launches its latest project digital: the Fashion Week Streetstyle Awards.


 The initiative will come to life during the fashion week in Milan involving

the most important editorial and the most influential bloggers in

the fashion system through the network that revolves around nssmag.com.

In fact, since 2009 naplestreetstyle.com before and then today

with its natural evolution, took pictures street style, designed

as a stylistic research and trend analysis, his undeniable trademark on the web.

This is why after three years from the first shots in Milan, the young creative reality

has decided to set up a unique challenge where only a strong sense of style and

a high aesthetic sense, associated with the manic obsessive attention to detail,

will be the key ingredients to achieve the final victory.


So from January 12th best shots of our local fashion week will be posted on a separate page

to the portal in order to be voted on and judged by the eye severe, ironic or playful users

of our community who, through the most important social networks can express their opinion. 

Specifically, we have three categories nominations: Best Male, Best Female and Best Details.

The three categories listed see characters photographed “straight up”,

and each will have its winner, each will have his Muse.


The initiative during Start-Up will be linked only to the stage in Milan but in the short term

will be extended to other international contexts, Paris and New York all.

Voting is simple, just follow the links in the pages of NSSMAG.COM,

social and various other partners that will support the project, and a completely innovative

and technologically advanced, the voting record of the user.

For this, in January, after the parades thrown the eye of Nssmag,

you may be nominated to win the Best Look of the year!


Vote your favourite one, click here >