Guy Bourdin
A Message For You



A Message For You

MNAF – Alinari National Museum of Photography

Piazza Santa Maria Novella 14a r
From 10 January to 10 March



The projection presents a road trip through Guy Bourdin’s visual landscape, through which the viewer enters into a nearly private domain of a creator, who was pooling together, ideas, thoughts, dreams where the fluidity of imagination is transformed into a final image. The research became a procession of moments captured en route: personalities, situations, landscapes, colors, objects and details, familiar, yet remote. Like a fine artist or a film director, Guy Bourdin’s inquisitive mind and eye makes the journey simultaneously intense, surprising and full of humor, pre-conceiving ideas for future images and storytelling. 


A singular artist with a unique perception of art, fashion, advertising and life, and a relentless search for perfection, Guy Bourdin was responsible for the groundbreaking turning point in the world of image-making in the late 70s.


A MESSAGE FOR YOU aims to capture this most significant period of his career and focus on the unique body of work that Guy Bourdin produced together with Nicolle Meyer as his lead model.