La Venaria Reale



The King’s Paintings

Rooms of the Arts of the Reggia  

till January 13, 2013



AdR FActory suggest you to take a trip in the beautiful Turin, in particular to La Venaria Reale.

Hurry up, the show will end January 13.


An outstanding exhibition from the prestigious collections of Galleria Sabauda in Turin will soon

enrich the permanent display of the Reggia:  exceptional masterpieces will illustrate the intriguing

and charismatic figure of Prince Eugene of Savoy, one of the protagonists of European politics in

the 18th century, an incredibly successful commander, a fine military strategist and an avid art

collector. A unique opportunity to admire 130 works by celebrated artists

(from Reni to Van Dyck, from Brueghel to famous Flemish and Dutch painters)

that bring back to the Reggia, for a limited period of time, its original “picture gallery” while

awaiting the new display of Galleria Sabauda in the New Wing of Turin’s Royal Palace,

that is home to another exceptional exhibition.


The exhibition The King’s Paintings is made up of two art shows: 

The Collections of Prince Eugene in the Rooms of the Art of the Reggia di Venaria

and Torino, Europe. The masterpieces of Galleria Sabauda in

the New Wing of Turin’s Royal Palace.