Horoscope of the Year 2013
by Paula Cademartori




In the first half of 2013, your relationship with

the next generation offers you the chance to expand,

explore and gain so much more from life.


Enjoy this beautiful year, until the end of June,

thanks to Jupiter in transit in the friendly sign of Gemini,

that will increase your success and luck,

improving your work and financial situation.


Make sure all written agreements about money,

property, business and possessions are clearly defined

with no room for misunderstandings.


 Saturn in Scorpio will anyway do its best to make

your path towards success more difficult,

putting some delays or obstacles on your way but there has

never been a better time to look for a new job.


Love: ♤

Health: ☼

Work: ✎✏


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Stick to your own positive way of seeing life,

even though your former, current or potential partner brings challenges.

This also applies to enemies or opponents. Cuidado!!


The real freedom in your world comes from something you do,

that nobody else can see or understand…

…if you are living an unsatisfying situation at work or love fields,

you will have enough strength to get rid of all the relationships

that don’t satisfy you anymore, Força!

Neptune will give you its boost to the change and

Jupiter will bring you some luck in the second part of the year!



Love: ♡

Health: ☼

Work: ✂


Put in boundaries with friends or people in your group, team or circle.

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Você está com tudo!

Super fit body, success at work and the lover

that you dream will all happen in 2013.


Jupiter will help you until June, thus giving you

charm and wellness: lucky period!!!!


Uranus is by your side, grasp the best occasions

with strength and decision! Decisões importantes!

You could change your job or your partner.


 Don’t let yourself be driven by impulsivity

while you do your shopping from July onwards.

Open your  eyes: some eventual traps

and painful disappointments.

Não se preocupe, ano vai ser maravilhoso!


Love: ♥♡♥


Work:  ✎✏✐✌


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to do the first strong step through this amazing year!







Your job, lifestyle, health or course

brings tough new challenges in 2013.

Bright presence of Jupiter in your sign until the end of June.

Sorte: amor e trabalho!!


You will need a firm daily system in place to manage this.

Don’t be over-influenced by negative people.

Your social life can and must change.

Go out and party! Balada!!!!


Uranus in Aries will help you throughout the year,

making you more practical, more concrete.

Allow the revolution to take place,

bye-bye to old friendships and groups!

Ciao it’s time for new people!


Love: ♥♡♡♥

Health: ☼

Work: ✎✏✐✌


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Seek professional expertise!! Super carreira!

Your career is in turmoil as Uranus crosses your midheaven.

Don’t hang onto the past. Let go.

Experiment with freedom and independence.

Radical???? Ótimo!!!


As Saturn is helpful and Jupiter will enter

your sign since the end of June, the year’s general situation will get better!

You will get wiser and more responsable,

your choices will be very wise and long-lasting,

in order to get a greater power in the work and personal spheres!


Boa nova: you’ll make important steps

such as consolidating a love story.

Uranus in Aries suggests you to stop and think,

in order to avoid sudden decisions, while Pluto

will suggest to keep your eyes wide open.


Love: ♥♡♡♥

Health: ☁

Work: ✎✏✐


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You will face all the challenges that will come out,

even the most complex ones, with far-sightedness

and a winning strategy- keep a strong and unshakeable faith

in tactics that you know are sensible, trusted, wise and positivo!


Join the revolution that is taking place in education, academia,

the internet, publishing and travel – or with your beliefs.

The good astral chances will help you to quickly

understand the right direction to take.

Don’t resist these changes, liberdade a go-go!


Thanks to Uranus that smiles to you from the sign of Aries,

you could successfully try to look for your soul mate. 


Love: ♥♡♡♥

Health: ☀☼☀

Work: ✎✏


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2013 Brilha, radiantemente!

Good news, amazing new job, prestigious promotion…

…sucesso total!


You will be amazed by the way your

patience and persistence pay off after April,

when at last Jupiter can begin helping you

without any complication or obstruction.


Saturn in Scorpio will allow many of you solving some engaging and thorny situations,

or meeting some reliable and reassuring partner,

with whom you could start a long-lasting relationship.


From June 26th, with Jupiter in Cancer,

you will be able to seize the fantastic opportunities of success

both in the work and in the sentimental fields.


Love: ♥♡♡♥

Health: ☀☼☀

Work: ✎✏


You will thus improve your budget and you could

indulge in some extra expenses to improve your look:

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Jupiter in Gemini is moving through

the Ninth House of your horoscope,

which is where you explore the world

and its greatest and most intriguing ideas.


Maravilhosa new position, an amazing comeback

or a huge career achievement are in store.


You could also hit a personal best in another region

or country, expanding your talents.

Your former, current or potential partner

is the key to freedom and independence,

even when the world turns upside-down.

Try to hang onto that idea.

Be careful while managing a love story that already reached its end.

Livre e leve! Lots of new lovers and fun!


Love: ♡

Health: ☀☼☼☀

Work: ✎✏✐


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Saturn is in Scorpio for the first time in 29 years.



The most electrifying freedom and independence will be yours,

if you are prepared to accept a revolution in the way you work!

A new lifestyle is waiting, fantastico!


You will thus be able to realize your most secret ambitions,

rules are the new black.

By July 2013 you will have expanded your professional

and social life into a brand new territory you love,

or returned to a distant place you always knew was in your destiny.


Love: ♥♡♥

Health: ☀☼☀

Work: ✎✂✎


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You can achieve a brilliant balancing act

with your potential partner in the first six months of 2013.

Romantic trips on the way!


The positive influence of Uranus in Aries

will make your life more dynamic, inviting you to make some valid,

concrete and extremely advantageous choices.

From early August, though, you have several clear months

in which laying the foundations for a better financial,

property and business future.


Jupiter in Gemini will not be that positive with you until July:

you should limit the compulsive shopping,

control the money management.


Love: ♤

Health: ☀

Work: ✐✎


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You deserve a lifestyle with more space for yourself,

and improvements in every detail.


Jupiter in Gemini, passing through your Sixth House,will offer

you a chain of chances to fix issues and pursue wonderful opportunities.

You could count on a greater confidence in your operational possibilities,

and you could prepare a brighter and more gratifying future,

where every ambition of yours will be satisfied.


Your communication needs to be monitored

so that you avoid chaotic or confusing situations.

Take time for yourself and relax a little bit!


If you are single you will attract more than one admirer,

and at least one potential lover, in the second half of 2013,

will help you to expand your horizons: geographically and mentally.


Love: ♤

Health: ☼

Work: ✎✏


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Jupiter is a great problem-solver and any remaining issues

from 2011-2012 will be taken care of, particularly after April. 


A bright and brilliant sky for you in 2013 that will be

enlivened by the fantastic influences of stars, helping you to seize

every good occasions with timeliness and effectiveness,

both in the love and in the work spheres.


Special challenges involving travels, foreign cultures,

publishing and education require a firm strategy.

Now you are being offered genuine freedom, which money cannot buy.


Love: ♡

Health: ☼

Work: ✎✏✐


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Text by Paula Cademartori