Tornatore new movie

The latest film by Giuseppe Tornatore

relies heavilyon the concept of aesthetics: 

the art is beautiful, proud and subtle, perfect work which

“consists in the perfect use of an imperfect instrument,”


as Oscar Wilde would say.


Tornatore’s attention to this aesthetic beauty

is especially noticeable in the careful choice of costumes.


The costume designer Maurizio Millenotti chose clothes

by Giorgio Armani for Claire’s character, starring

Sylvia Hoeks, which reflect her beauty and sophistication,

and Giorgio Armani and Canali clothes for Virgil Oldman,

starring by Geoffrey Rush, a man with a sober and elegant style.

Surrounded by art and his passion for it,Virgil Oldman

is a rich antique and auction professional hitter who lives alone.

His life is completely absorbed by work and Beauty “induced” that art can provide,

is upset one day after the request is not unusual for Claire,

a young woman who wants an assessment of the precious objects

that decorate his villa and that wants to be free.

The mystery of this girl fascinates, almost against his will,

that Oldman, step by step, will be trapped in a

mysterious challenge that will change his life forever.


In cinemas from January 1, 2013








(by Virginia Cuscito)