3Words Interview


I asked Andrea Incontri to answer my questions in 3 Words



3 inspirations for your style
normality. attitude. distinction.


3 words, describing the perfect dress
functional. sensuous. subtracted.


3 words that could define Andrea Incontri as a woman
peculair, shy, generous.


3 words that describe Andrea Incontri as a man
fast, charmed, suggested


3 favourite places in Milan
Circolo Ex Combattenti, Corso Sempione 2
Basilica di Sant’Ambrogio
Plastic Club


3 favourite places in NY
Mies Van der Rohe’s Seagram Building
Bemelmans Bar – The Carlyle Hotel
NY’s oldest carousel (almost 90 years), in Brooklyn,

now with its new Jean Nouvel’s cover


3 questions you wouldn’t want to answer
What are you dreaming?
the best thing in your life?
the worst thing in your life?


3 contemporary intellectual icons
Gus Van Sant
Erri de Luca
light emitting diode – LED


3 words about your 2012
work. in. progress.


3 words
love. in. progress.





(Interview by Marcello Junior Dino)